About Us

Pick up a pound anywhere, anytime.

Ocean Mystic Lemonade first came to life with the vision to better the planet and the people on it.

Started and ran by avid volunteers of beach clean ups in Miami, Ocean Mystic set out to make clean ups more accessible to more people, more efficient, and more delicious.

Sandsage works alongside Empower Eco to bring value to recovered plastic waste. Allowing for recycled plastic to replace newly created (and formerly cheaper) plastic and creating an incentive for plastic waste to be removed from our beaches, waterways, and oceans and be recycled as new products that would otherwise be made with new plastics.

A strong purposed paired with a true organic lemonade, finally not packed in plastic bottles means anyone can enjoy a refreshing drink knowing they had already done a good deed for the day.

Supporting beach cleanup efforts alongside state parks!

We proudly support and sponsor state park cleanups with hardworking ocean-lovers keeping our beautiful beaches and coastlines clean and marine life happy!

Bill Baggs State Park Cleanup Ocean Mystic Lemonade

Bill Baggs State Park Cleanup Ocean Mystic Lemonade 2

Bill Baggs State Park Cleanup Intro Discussion Ocean Mystic Lemonade